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Nutrition Services

Services for individuals, teams, clubs, gyms, and other organizations


Whether you're a competitive athlete or a serious recreational exerciser, an individualized sports nutrition program can provide you the edge you need to maximize performance, master recovery, and achieve your health goals.

1:1 Coaching

Sports nutrition goes far beyond a few calculations and cookie cutter meal plans. Each athlete has their own unique needs based on their sport, their goals, and their current level of knowledge. Because of this, athletes require an individualized nutrition program.

Through 1:1 nutrition coaching, education and support is provided for...

  • Optimizing performance 

  • Improving energy levels

  • Increasing endurance

  • Recovering faster

  • Reducing soreness

  • Healing from injury

  • Navigating fuelling or gut issues

  • Developing a fuelling plan

  • Modifying body composition

  • Choosing meals and snacks on-the-go

My sports nutrition programs include, but are not limited to:

  • A comprehensive initial assessment, which includes nutrient intake, lifestyle, training demands, medical history and more. 

  • A detailed evaluation of current intake

  • Personalized nutrition recommendations 

  • Nutrition plans tailored to your goals, unique needs and type of training

  • Fuelling strategies to optimize performance and recovery

  • Collaborative meal planning

  • Performance nutrition resources and handouts

  • Food journal review and feedback 

  • Support and accountability 

Sports nutrition programs range in length and are based on the individuals needs and goals.

*3 month minimum commitment 

"I reached out to Christine with some specific goals around meal planning and prepping and making sure I was eating enough of the correct things to support athletic performance. At our first meeting, Christine was warm and open and asked so many great questions to really understand where I was coming from, my lifestyle, my limitations, what kind of time commitment I had, and what a successful outcome would look like to me. Because of this thorough background, Christine's plan and suggestions for me were practical, easy to implement, and effective. Christine is non-judgemental and very knowledgeable; I am confident that she would be able to help a wide range of individuals. I highly recommend Christine to anyone with nutritional questions, concerns, or goals!" - LW

Common topics addressed in 1:1 nutrition coaching...

  • Fuelling for performance & recovery

  • Muscle building

  • Injury prevention & recovery

  • Supplement usage & recommendations

  • Hydration

  • Building a positive relationship with food

  • Off season weight gain/loss

  • Underfuelling/female athlete triad

  • Eating out & when you travel

  • Game day/tournament fuelling

  • Vegetarian/vegan athletes

  • Food allergies & intolerances

Teams & Other Organizations

I also offer a variety of other services that can be customized to meet the needs of your team, group, or organization such as:

  • Workshops, seminars, presentations

  • Team talks 

  • Grocery store tours

  • Cooking demonstrations 

  • Content development (handouts, resources...etc.) 

*Virtual services available

*In-person services available for the Kingston Ontario and area locations.

Presentation topics include:

  • Performance Nutrition Basics 

  • Eating to Build Muscle & Lose Fat 

  • Eating When you Travel

  • Injury Prevention

  • Plant-Based and Vegetarian Diets

  • Debunking Fad Diets

  • …and more


Insurance / Benefits

The services of a dietitian in private practice are unfortunately not covered by OHIP. However, many insurance plans provide partial or full coverage for dietitian services. Please check your group or employee insurance policy for coverage details.  If you do not have insurance, dietitian services are tax deductible under medical expenses. 

Eminence Nutrition does not direct bill insurance companies but will gladly provide you with a detailed receipt of service for reimbursement purposes. 

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