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Nutrition Coaching for Athletic Performance & Overall Health 

For athletes & serious recreational exercisers to learn how to fuel their bodies for sport and everyday life. Through a highly individualized approach, you'll develop the knowledge and strategies you need to help you succeed!


For individuals, teams, clubs, and other organizations. 

Christine specializes in performance nutrition and a healthy relationship with food. She believes that fuelling for your sport or your unique needs should not be overwhelming, stressful or hard. That's why she focuses on delivering evidenced-based nutrition recommendations that are easy to understand and apply. 

"I reached out to Christine with some specific goals around meal planning and prepping and making sure I was eating enough of the correct things to support athletic performance. At our first meeting, Christine was warm and open and asked so many great questions to really understand where I was coming from, my lifestyle, my limitations, what kind of time commitment I had, and what a successful outcome would look like to me. Because of this thorough background, Christine's plan and suggestions for me were practical, easy to implement, and effective. Christine is non-judgemental and very knowledgeable; I am confident that she would be able to help a wide range of individuals. I highly recommend Christine to anyone with nutritional questions, concerns, or goals!" - LW

Whole foods, easy to prepare, convenient

Find recipes you'll love that suit your needs, schedule and preferences

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