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Vegetarian Peanut Stir Fry

This was actually the first time I've tried cooking with tofu and I've got to say, it turned out delicious. The neat thing about cooking with tofu, is that it soaks up any flavour you cook with and to make it nice and crispy I coated it in cornstarch before frying. 



  • 1 cup Uncooked Jasmine rice

  • 400g Extra firm tofu

  • 1 Onion, sliced

  • 1 package Sugar snap peas

  • 1 Bell pepper, sliced

  • ¼ cup Cornstarch

  • ½ tsp. Black ground pepper

  • ½ tsp. Ginger powder

For the sauce:

  • ¼ cup Low sodium soy sauce

  • ¼ cup Oyster sauce

  • ¼ cup Rice vinegar

  • 2 tbsp. Brown sugar

  • 2 tbsp. Natural peanut butter

  • ½ cup Water

  • ½ tbsp. Ginger root, minced



  1. Press the tofu
    Remove the tofu from the packaging and drain the water.
    Place the tofu on a couple paper towels on a plate, cover with a couple more paper towels and place another plate on top to weigh it down.
    Let sit for 20-30min, changing the paper towels once.

  2. Cook the rice according to package instructions.

  3. Prepare the sauce by mixing all the ingredients. Be sure to taste the sauce and add anything according to your preference.

  4. Heat a large pan with oil and add the onion, sugar snap peas, bell pepper and cook until tender crisp (or desired tenderness). Remove from pan and set aside.

  5. Toss the tofu with the cornstarch, pepper, and ginger powder until evenly coated.

  6. Drizzle more oil to the pan and fry the tofu on medium/high heat for 1-2 min per side or until crispy.

  7. Add the sauce to the pan and heat until bubbles begin to form. Turn off heat and add the veggies.

  8. Serve on top of rice.

  9. Enjoy :)

Created by: Christine Gemmell

Prepared by: Christine Gemmell

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