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Date and Olive Roasted Chicken 

This is the best chicken I've EVER tasted. So juicy and so flavourful! Make sure you have a little bit of date, olive and garlic with the chicken in each bite!! 


  • 1 Chicken

  • 6-8 Medjool dates

  • 1 cup Olives

  • 4-5 sprigs of fresh thyme

  • 1 small garlic head, with the cloves separated out

  • Olive oil to taste

  • Salt and pepper to taste



  1. Preheat oven to 375F.

  2. Rinse chicken.

  3. Stuff chicken with a few dates and olives and a sprig or two of fresh thyme.

  4. Place the chicken in a baking dish or baking pot with the breast side down (this will keep the breasts juicy!) 

  5. Place the whole garlic cloves and the remaining dates and olives around the chicken.

  6. Rub the chicken down with olive oil and finish with salt and pepper to taste.

  7. **Don’t add water to the pan/pot, the chicken will make all the juices

  8. Cover the chicken with either aluminum foil or a lid if you’re using a baking pot, and bake for 1 hour. Always check your chicken’s temperature before eating. It should be at 160F.

  9. To crisp up the outside broil the chicken for 5-10 min.

  10. Enjoy :)

  11. Ps: You can save the bones for a bone/chicken broth!

Created by: Christine Gemmell

Prepared by: Christine Gemmell

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